Answers to the most commonly asked questions:

Yes, we think so! There is an installation process implemented in all our products. Simply upload the archive to your desired directory and type in "" in your browsers address bar, you'll be greeted with a step by step installation process. You can either install the script your self or request our help, and we'll install it for you. For more information you can open a support ticket.

Installation of the script on your server, by a member of customer support team, takes less than 24 hours.

Yes, in our Affiliate Program you can promote any of our scripts and get paid 40% from all orders that you refer! You can read more about our affiliate program here

Yes we do! Every script license comes with a 1 year 24/7 customer support service (email support). If you have any questions regarding the script, modifications, something not working or just want to ask about something, we'll be happy to hear from you.

This all depends on the type of script license that you've purchased form us. We offer: Owned, Monthly and Quarterly licensing options for our scripts. If you've purchased an owned license then you can use the script for ever, if you're on a monthly plan then your license gets deactivated after you've canceled your subscription, the same principle applies to quarterly licenses.

As for restrictions: most commonly this implies the number of installations per license. For all the scripts except Affilate Niche Script we have a "One license per installation" policy. Meaning that if you want to install the script twice or any number of times, you need to purchase an additional script license. These licenses are sold at a 70% discount. For Affiliate Niche Script you can have as many installations as you want, however all those installations need to be on the same IP address. If you want to install to another IP address, you'll need to purchase an additional license.

You might have read before, that each license comes with a free year of online customer support. This billing addon is called "Script Updates and Support". The part where it's stating "Script Updates" means that if you do not continue this service after the first year is over, you won't be able to download any new versions of the script that get released. You may still use the script forever on an Owned license, but you'll be stuck with the version that you're on. (if you have any questions, please open a support ticket)

Yes you can! You can modify, change, customize, rewrite the code as much as you want. There are no restrictions. Furthermore, when the scripts we're being designed, they were designed in such a way so that it would make this process easy for customers. 98% of our source code is completely open and unencrypted, the other 2% are encrypted and contain the license check - to prevent piracy. However if you feel that you need to get into that part to get your modification to work, we're able to unencrypt that part of the script upon request.